Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Taste of Things to Come:

I'm starting out with this Blog, and I'm sure some people are stopping by to say Hi, or to check out the guy who posted a comment on their Blog, and thinking "Great, another wanna-blessed-be with two posts and then nothing!" I just want to take the opportunity to say no, that's not the case, I just happen to have come back to Blogging about Witchcraft at the absolute nexus of a huge clusterfuck in my life right now, so it may take me a little longer to get back to the whole regular posting thing.

I did, however, want to offer a little taste of what's coming up for me over the next couple of months, and what I'll be endeavouring to share here during that time.

We're currently in the last month of spring here in Australia, so soon we'll be entering my least favourite season of all, summer. Summer brings the heat to Stepford, and has me generally existing in a sweaty stupor. However, before I can even get to dealing with the heat, I have November to get through.

November will see me applying for new jobs, so I'll likely post a little about the spellwork I'm doing in that regard. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary this week, so I'll do a little post about that too. Then this weekend he leaves for six weeks holiday in India, so I'll be posting about the protective spellwork I'll be doing for him while he is away. I'll probably also do a general interest post about my own private path of hearth/kitchen witchcraft. Then next week I'm off on a Road Trip with my best friend to Melbourne to get tattooed, so there will be a post about that too. After this we'll have more kitchen witchery as we start moving into the festive season.

December is a full-on month in Stepford. On December first, despite the fact it's likely to be a scorching 30 degrees, I'll be driving out into the pine plantations that surround my city and hacking down a Christmas Tree - you'd better believe there'll be a post about that. December second will see me starting a new element of my practice which I'll sghare with you then. Then the real fun starts... Finnish Indapendence day feasting followed by multiple Christmas parties, bithdays for a dear friend and my lovely sister, the an early Christmas at my family's farm, followed by a beach-side Christmas with my Boyfriend's family, then back home to Stepford in time for my birthday on December 30 and the New Years Eve on December 31. New Years Eve is going to be huge for me this year - I am actively powering towards it, looking forward to casting off 2012, the year that really had it in for me and mine.

Somewhere in there I need to get together with my mother to do our traditional Christmas baking too...

In January, the height of summer, I'll hopefully be negotiating/moving to a new position, enjoying the fruits of the Stepford Garden, taking day-trips out into the countryside to wild harvest and honour the Genus Loci, and generally doing my best to avoid the sun at all costs.

So, there you have it, what you can expect from the Witch of Stepford over the months to come. Hopefully you'll find something here to intrigue or entertain you.



  1. Oh I hate summer too, if we only got 30 degrees I would be happy but during summer where I live in SA, 30 would be considered a cool summer's day (we get 37C and higher). I see summer as my inside time, air con on and doing indoor witchcraft, spending as little time outside as is humanly possible. Being a redhead and of Irish descent, I fry quicker than a tomato if the sun even glances at me.

    So looking forward to your upcoming posts though!

  2. Yeah, here in the good old ACT we also get up around the 37 mark, but thankfully only two to three week a year.

    I'm descended from Finnish and Irish stock, so a general revulsion in the face of the sun runs strongly through my veins... Not to mention the love of a bit of Hooch :P

    Thanks lovely, thrilled to have you reading :)