Monday, 3 December 2012

Cross my palm in silver – Part One:

I’d like to talk about the increase in popularity lately in esoteric business, and what this means for practice generally.
I cannot stand when people make a blanket statement for or against most things in life, as I’m generally of the view that extremism of any kind is a horrible thing. I find this especially the case with the frankly unrealistic view that some hold, that buying tools, oils, spell ingredients, any sort of esoteria, from a shop – weakens their inherent power or nullifies it all together. However, I am going to be a bit of a shit here and say that I do agree that sometimes this is the case. I’d like to explore a few realities through some entirely fictional case studies over three posts. OK, so these case studies are conglomerates based on actual existing businesses and individuals existing out there which I have interacted with – sue me. The point is not to shame but to ignite conversation.
So here we go...

Image from here.

The curious case of DarkFaeQueern:
Her business is a seemingly well established Etsy store with a 99.9% positive feedback rating and more than 13 featured items that have appeared on the front page.