Sunday, 13 January 2013

Holy Supper Challenge 2012:

Ever since I first started dabbling in the world of On line Witchcraft and Blogging about my personal practice, I have held something of a torch for the magna mater of down and dirty, brutalist agrarian derived and orthodox inspired witchcraft that is the magnanimous Mrs. Graveyard Dirt. So as soon as she put out the call for folks to take part in her Holy Supper Challenge I was of course, champing at the bit to join in the noisy-as-fuck revelry.

Sadly, it took me two years to actually get my shit together and to host my own Finnish Influenced Holy Supper.

Even then, I have to say that the event was a pale shadow of the frankly awe-inspiring feast that Dirty and Italics throw. There are reasons (aren’t there always) for why my supper went down without the desired bang and instead with something of a limp-dicked whimper: But I am not going to bore you with those. What I will say is that the little ember of Holy Supper revelry has been enkindled in yours truly, and from here on out I am pledging to show not only the Holy Supper, but indeed all the Holy Days, their due respect and pomp and circumstance!

I am a fucking Kitchen Witch!!! This is my fucking bread and butter!

So how did the 2012 Holy Supper throw down in Stepford Australia?